The Jamaican Bar Association was formed on the 16th January 1973.  It is a voluntary organisation comprised of Attorneys-at-Law called to the Jamaican Bar. 

The objectives of the Jamaican Bar Association are to:

  • Strive for the maintenance and strengthening of the Rule of Law and Human Rights;

  • To protect the independence of Judges and Attorneys-at-Law;

  • To work towards law reform and the improvement of our legal system;

  • To offer service to our system of justice and to those in need or our aid and protection;

  • To foster basic and continuing legal education; and

  • To promote the integrity and good name of the legal profession in Jamaica

Membership is voluntary and as at April 2012, there were over 1,200 members.

The Association is not a regulatory or disciplinary body.  It has no power to hear complaints against Attorneys, even if they are members of the Association.