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jamBarBuilding2The Jamaican Bar Association was formed on the 16th January 1973. It is a voluntary organisation comprised of Attorneys-at-Law called to the Jamaican Bar. The objectives of the Jamaican Bar Association are to:

  • Strive for the maintenance and strengthening of the Rule of Law and Human Rights;
  • Protect the independence of Judges and Attorneys-at-Law;
  • Work towards law reform and the improvement of our legal system;
  • Offer service to our system of justice and to those in need or our aid and protection;
  • Foster basic and continuing legal education; and
  • Promote the integrity and good name of the legal profession in Jamaica.

Membership is voluntary and as at April 2013, there were over 1,000 members.

The Association is not a regulatory or disciplinary body. It has no power to hear complaints against Attorneys, even if they are members of the Association.


The Association is administered by a Council comprising a President, Vice- President, Immediate Past President (where appropriate) and twenty (20) Council members. The Executive of Council comprises the President, The Vice-President, The Hon. Treasurer, The Hon. Secretary, The Assistant Treasurer and the Assistant Secretary. The three (3) Regional Bar Associations may have one observer each on Council.

The Executive – 2016-2017
Sherry-Ann McGregor – President
Stuart L. Stimpson – Vice-President
Donovan C. Walker – Immediate Past President
M. Maurice Manning – Secretary
Melissa James – Assistant Secretary
Jacqueline Cummings - Treasurer
Sandra Tapper – General Manager

Members of the Council
Sherry Ann McGregor​-​President
Stuart L. Stimpson – Vice- President
Donovan C. Walker – Immediate Past President
Jacqueline Cummings​-​Treasurer
M. Maurice Manning​-​Secretary
Melissa James​-​Assistant Secretary
Pamela Benka-Coker, Q.C
Jacqueline Samuels-Brown, Q.C.
Ian Wilkinson, Q.C.
M. Georgia Gibson Henlin Q.C.
Donovan Jackson
Capt. Paul Beswick
Leslie Campbell
Peter Champagnie
Tana'ania Small Davis
Althea McBean
Annette Francis Barnett
Sanya Goffe
Gavin Goffe
Teri-Ann Lawson
Emile Leiba
Kevin Powell
Miguel Williams

The President and Vice President retire each year and are elected at the Association's Annual General Meeting. One-third of the Members of Council retire at the Annual General Meeting.

The daily operations of the Bar Association take place at our offices at 78 Harbour Street, Kingston and are ably managed by our General Manager, Ms. Sandra Tapper, who may be contacted at (876)967-1528 or at jba@flowja.com.


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